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    96 xp 800 Oil injection block off safe????

    My friend has a 96 xp 800. Is it safe to do away with the oil injection. Please help....

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    Yes absolutely. First remove the large hose from the bottom of injector and plug it. Then remove the two small lines from the top and plug them really well. I left the little lines on mine still secured to the intake manifold as to not disturb the already sealed hoses. But the injector side is fair game Leave the two large lines that run under the engine alone though, they lube the rotary valve so you will need to keep some oil in the tank still.

    After you plug the lines, remove the injector and pull out the white plastic drive gear as you won't be needing it anymore...but hang onto it if you decide to go back to injection sometime down the road. Do yourself a favor too and purge the fuel hoses and carbs so there isn't any straight fuel in the system. If your tank has some fuel still in it...try to get it out to the best you can so there's not going to be mixing complications. If you have your own risk you can guess how much is in there and try to compensate by adding extra oil to the new mix going in but it's very much so not recommended. Hope this helps.

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    the 96 has a little dogbone that drives the oil pump off the crank (no gear schwarz). take the oil pump off and remove that piece with needle nose, then install the block off sure the oring is sitting right.

    take the two lines from the oil tank, cut them off just sligtly longer than what you need ot loop them together and use a coupler to join them. if you want to leave the oil tank in and the big oil lines hooked up, just leave it as long as the lines have oil in them the rotary valve gear bath is full and you're gold.

    pull the oil pump out with the little lines to the intake manifold. cap the nipples off on the intake manifold. you'll also need ot cap off the small injection supply nipple on the tank, or you can snip off the hose and plug it and leave it in place....

    premix to 50:1 or 40:1 depending on your oil choise and engine mod level. i run 50:1 with no issues whatsoever on a heavily modified SPX 800. i run Maxima and Occasionally Interceptor or Dominator if I run out of Maxima. The Int/Dom are for my watercross sled so it's always there in the shed. XPS2 can be premixed as well.

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    Iam also going to premix on 98gts and 98gs. Is there any problems on these two by switching to pre mix. What about the ratio. New to site also new to doing my own work. GTS running great still working on the GS model. Carbuetor rebuild on both. Carbon bushing bad on both and c clips would not let go. Took some carbon stock and split it then machined to make a split carbon ring. Have about seven outing no leaks so far.

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    no, the oil and gas mix at the manifold anyhow as the gas shoots by the oil check valve spigot tip.

    I like 50:1 with good oil. You can go 40:1....or even better, somewhere in between liek 45:1.

    i would think you'd be sucking air through the gap in the split ring, but if it works that's cool.

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    Do not understand the air sucking idea? Is the carbon ring on the drive shaft manily to keep water out of the hull?

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    yes it is if you want to mix your oil

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