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    99 Polaris Pro 785

    Anyone interested in mine? I got a 99 PRO 785. Right now I'm currently doing the motor over. Should be done in a week. Had cylinders freshened up. All new gaskets, pistions, rings, etc. I will have it back together and running within a week or so, then I plan to let it go. Bought it earlier this year and haven't ridden it more then an hour and decided to do it over so I knew what I had. I haven't missed it so far with not having it this summer and I've been spending a lot of time with my race boat. You can give me a call if interested. My cell is 570-660-4791. Call and we can discuss details and price. Thanks!


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    location please

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    Lock Haven, PA 17745. Located in Central PA. I could probably crate it and ship it out also. Talked to a few people in FL about this ski and they all asked if I knew of any of this year that were for sale. They said they liked these models better then the pre 99. If the buyer is willing to pay for the shipping I could build a crate to do it. Would probably be in the neighboorhood of $400 to ship.

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