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    Newbie sayn hello!! & RXP trouble..

    Great site...I have currently taken on repairing a neighbors 2004 RXP and this site has been a huge help with the tremendous amount of information from a great group of people.

    I have a few issues I would like to talk about and get your views/opinions on how/what I should do..
    I have worked on watercraft for the last 10 or so years. Everything from kawi 550 stand ups,to Stx's,Yamaha's of all sizes,Polaris and just about every Seadoo out there.
    This is my first altercation with a SC 4Tec aside from winterizing them..

    From the start...The impeller was installed by the owner who from what I can see didnt tighten it or the nose cone enough and as it slid up and down on the DS it logged itself up in the driveshaft thru hull tunnel and caused the driveshaft to move forward and get stuck in the PTO/Carrier then allowing the carbone seal to open and fill the bilge with water.The impeller also coming loose destroyed the ride shoe along with the wear ring.

    So,Of course you can figure out what happened next.
    I get to the house and the intake tubes are full of water.I disconnected them and proceded to clear the ingested water and get her up and running,at this point I didnt let it run as the oil was a real nasty batch of mud.I fogged it and then I removed the oil filter prior to doing the first of many oil changes to clear up the mud. I noticed the filter had metal pieces in it. I did a few oil changes along with a new filter,got the pump back together and put it in the water for a test run. Well,not a good day.. I idled it out of the lagoon and proceded to ease into the throttle and I got what seemed to be a slight misfire. I had fogged the crap out of it after getting the water out of it so I attributed it to that. I got it opened up about 3/4 throttle and it felt it was cavitating badly. I got it back to the house and pulled the pump back out to find the impeller had a small amount of play in it and again started to take the pump back apart. I now have a problem taking the impeller back off the shaft it seems as if it is seized and is impossible to get it off. It was put on as it should have and torqued as it should.
    But the bigger issue was it was running like crap.It seemed as if it was not running right, bringing it back in I kept the revs around 2200-2500 and it was surging,could this be the demise of the SC? And is the metal in the oil from the SC or the bottom end.
    I am learning all I can about the new 4 stroke technology and would take all the available help I can get.
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    If you can spin the SC wheel w/ your fingers while installed in the engine your clutch washers are toast

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    Nope cant turn it more than a tiny bit left and right using a decent amount of effort.
    I also forgot to mention earlier that Ive got compression as 130 front cyl./140 middle cyl./ 110 in the rear cyl and those had been taken when the engine was warm.Am I losing the rear cylinder since it is the closest to the oil pump/filter??
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    What color was the metal - was it like aluminum or copper? Also, one or more of the rods may have bent when cranking it over with water in the cylinders... Ron

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    Ron/gold06, I have to say thank you for your help...
    I looked at both filters I pulled and I found little specs of silver and goldish colors.No aluminium. I would think if I went through to the babbitt I would have rod end noise while running???I am going to pull the SC anyhow due to it having ceramic washers in it and have them replaced and go through the SC to see if there is other damage..
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    welcome to the forum

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