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    no power on STX 1100

    I have an STX 1100 that runs fine to 27mph, then shakes and runs terrible. From All the posts, it sounded like a carb problem, so I bought some carbs on ebay. Still the same problem. I have replaced the plugs too. Could it be cavitating? Idles good and if you accellerate slowly, you can get to around 27 mph. Compression is at 105 on all cylinders. Any Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefmoose View Post
    Could it be cavitating?
    Yes. I had a cavitating problem this past weekend. Turned out to be a piece of wood about the size of a carpenters pencil about an inch long stuck to the impeller on the front side.

    If it is cavitation, it will feel like it is "breaking loose" from the water. The engine will still rev, it just wont go.

    Get a flash light and take a peek at the impeller, through the nozzle and tunnel.

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    Ohhh ya!

    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

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    I checked into the microfiche on a 99 STX 1100 for the jet pump assembly. It seems as though what Kawi calls a "trim seal" is similar to that of Sea-Doo's wear ring surrounding the impeller. If your wear ring or trim seal is worn down, there will be too much clearance between the impeller and walls of this trim will hit the rev limitter and get a lot of unusual feedback like you're describing. If your impeller is in bad shape (ei.dings or pieces broken out of it) you will get vibration and poor performance because the baldes are no longer balanced or full sized. A worn out impeller will do this too if the ski was run a lot anywhere around sandy beaches. It could also be the bearings in the jet pump assembly needing replacement but I had a 92 SX650 for 8 years or so and never changed them far as I know they were the original ones Hope this helps out.

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