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    Possible Impeller Problem?

    On my 04 RXP, (this just started happening lately) whenever I jam on the throttle it shakes and fails to 'catch the water' kind of like a burnout then at about 10 MPH takes off like a bat out of hell. Its twin brother takes off without this shaking business. Should I have impeller checked or could the damage be too minute to detect with the naked eye? I haven't hit anything in the water, so im not sure whats goin on. Both skis are still capable of 69-70 and equal acceleration (apart from the one ski before 10 mph).

    BTW: This is my first post. I've never had a need to before lol.

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    check wear ring and prop mate.shine torch in o pupm via scoop-grate entrance but maybe best pullng pump off and taking prop out to check both.

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    I'll take a look at tomorrow. Thanks.

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    check your engine mounts to make sure they arn't broken.

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    You want no more than .014" clearance between the impeller and wear ring... Ron

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    Engine mounts definately aren't broken. I'm going to check wear ring later today. I only replaced it about 15 riding hrs. ago. I am riding on the notoriously debris filled Lake of the Ozarks so it could be wear ring. I haven't checked wear ring yet because I assumed it wouldn't be it due to its relatively low hours. I'm thinking MAYBE prop. If not something got sucked up and either I didn't realize it or I wasn't driving at the time.

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    O yea. One more thing specific to this ski. Whenever I pull a tight turn at high speeds with the trim too far down, when it comes out of the water, the power is greatly decreased for about 10 seconds. This doesn't involve the "not catching water" thing. Its almost like the learning key is in, you grab on the throttle and it goes like 35 MAX for ~10 seconds before taking off. Luckily it doesn't happen on every turn, but when the conditions are perfect...It loses power. This might help-Its a 2004 RXP Riva Stage 1 with the SC Clutch Washers Replaced. Its never had any mechanical problems except for the wear rings which I have replaced. Is the Waterbox filling or something? Is it preventable?

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    This could be something as simple as a little bit of river grass wound up on the pump shaft, or a sm. stick stuck on an impeller blade. Even if you can't see it from the intake side of the pump, I would still pull it to have a look. It's easy enough to do.


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    I've pulled the impeller since it started handling like that and nothing to be found. Is it possible the trim system is over-extending putting the nose too fare in the water? God this ski is being a bratt.

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    Ur carbon seal could be busted, the same happened to me. Are you taking on a fair bit of water in the hull after long rides? u can test if the seal is broken by filling ur ski with water up until the top of the driveshaft and check if water is leaking out where the intake grate is

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