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    Can't get front carb. to stop dribbling

    Have a pro 1200 with triple pipes. msx cylinders, and novi 44mm carbs. The carbs. are flange mount with inline shafts.
    When letting off from 1/2 throttle or above the front carb. will keep dribbling from the inner venturi causing the engine to run rough which then causes the carb. to keep dribbling more. If I let it idle for a while it will finally stop dribbling. The middle carb. does not have this problem. The pto carb. does this very slightly.
    I have increased pop-off to 35 psi which helped slightly. I have doubled the check valves which didn't help. I switched carb. internals from the middle carb. which didn't help. Cannot tune the bottom end with this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    lask, have you tried trippple check valves? I know it's heavy but that's what it took on one I did when the guy insisted on the rubber mounting flanges.
    I'm not sure if high entry blocks would help you as well but Randy at Watcon solved my dribbling problem I was having with my SLTX...I just don't remember what he suggested that worked.

    I know I went double valves and raised the pop off (no where near 35, I'm thinking it was 24).

    Maybe give Randy a call, he's a tuning master (and my HERO). I can guarantee he's seen it before...

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    I did briefly try 3 check valves on the front carb. which still did not cure the problem. I'll give Randy a call.
    Last summer I tried running novi 46mm spigot mount carbs. which had the same problem but even worse. After seeing how much they vibrated I went to a flange mount. These do vibrate less but still having issues.

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    These aren't setup sidedraft are they?

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    are we sure all the motor mounts are good???maybe ones a little iffy???

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    I finally got all my carbs to stop dumping gas in at idle, and now with new reeds its doing it again! I needed to put the popoff up to 20psi to get it to stop before, and its supposed to be 10-18... Whats up with that?

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    They are downdraft carbs. The motor mounts are tight and the rubber mounts aren't cracked. I pulled up on the engine and nothing appears loose.
    Once the front carb. gets over fueled the engine chugs and vibrates badly. After I run it at 4,000 rpm for a while it will burn off the excess fuel and throttle response from 4,000 rpm to wide open is excellent. Going between wide open and 4,000 rpm everything is fine. Once I drop down below 4,000 rpm it immediatly starts chugging.
    It will run from 1400 to 1800 rpm smoothly.

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    when i had the 47mm blackjacks the front and rear carbs did the same thing,never went farther than stiffer springs and double valves then sold them after my sale fell thru,never once had an issue with the 42 keihins doing that but can't run them with v-force or light tension reeds as the pop off hits to quick,but it doesn't matter cause it hits hard and quick with the heavy tension and makes better power up top

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