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    What's the GPScape difference for the FX15?

    other than the color change, what's different with the GPScape package that warrants the extra $1000 price?

    Just found this on the net:
    GPScape® model features built-in GPS unit with an easy-to-read LCD display. GPScape is contained within the standard meter assembly and features storage for up to 100 waypoints and a digital compass function indicating travel direction. When traveling or returning to a designated waypoint, GPScape will list distance and direction from present location.

    So you're paying $1000 for a GPS and red color?
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    you get color, gps, and step for 1,000.00

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    and a two-tone seat

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    They need to upgrade the GPS. It's a great idea, one I would have even been tempted to put the money in for, but the GPS that they're putting in there is just lame. No speed readout, no map, no color... basically none of the features that a $150.00 modern GPS would have.

    Too bad - love the red...

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    Agree. Not worth the extra $1,000. Looks like if they are going to install a GPS, put one in that has some function to it. And add a depth gauge while you're at it.

    I do like the color though. But I got the silver one...need to change my picture.

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