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    ’95, SL 750-Pre-Mix, gobs of fuel in engine-no start

    ’95, SL 750-Pre-Mix, gobs of fuel in engine-no start- !!! Stumped !!!!

    Ski ran just super great, , stored on Roll-n-go in water(as always), fuel valve off .-was fueled 2 days prior to 3/4 full.

    2 days later no start. When trying to start—clunk—clunk. MFD red light came on.(no other warning info, just red light)

    Thought battery was dead-although showed 12.4 volts on MFD.

    Changed battery, motored with plugs out—yee gads,….. gobs of fuel out # 3- PTO hole.

    Noticed some fuel in bottom of hull.

    Took Ski out of water. Checked compression 120 on all three. Motored some more and -more fuel out all three. Finally no more fuel.(never was any water)

    Found loose clamp on carb return for # 2..Fuel pump Pulse line clear.

    Finally started on trailer. Gobs of Black stuff out the exhaust.

    So…maybe the loose fuel line clamp allowed fuel in the bottom of the hull (prior to this, no water or fuel in the hull bottom)...but how did fuel get in the engine ??

    So what is the culprit of allowing fuel in the engine with the fuel valve closed. (Shut off Valve works-won’t start unless ON--)

    I’m stumped—I thought I had this beast figured out ???

    Will water test soon.

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    Is the fuel return line install to the correct nipple on the fuel sender/pickup??

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    Check that the fuel return hose is actually connected to the fuel return fitting at the gas tank.

    If the fuel hoses are swapped around, the return hose might be connected to one of the fuel pickups, positioned below the fuel level in the tank. Tank pressure builds up while sitting, and pushes fuel down the return line. It could also pressurize the carbs, and force fuel into the carb throats.

    Also check that the fuel tank venting check valves are working properly. There are two. One lets air in, the other lets air out. Both should open at about 1.5 PSI.

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    I verified the fuel lines are connected correctly.

    The vent valve will not open at about 1 1/2 Psi but will with air compressure pressure, and can't free it up .

    The inlet is valve is working.

    Going to order a new tank vent valve.

    Thanks all !!!!

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    Replace them both, just in case. They are not that expensive.

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    I had the same idea.....I ordered both.

    The IN valve is the same part number as the Oil tank IN valve, but I looked at one from the oil tank that I removed and it looked different from the one in the ski........?????...Maybe someone switched a long time ago ???

    Cheers !!! and Thanks !!!!

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