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    Almost hate to ask...In order to eliminate the oil pump

    on my 96 GSX can I just pull the small "drive shaft" out of the pump and leave all the plumbing alone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxdoc View Post
    on my 96 GSX can I just pull the small "drive shaft" out of the pump and leave all the plumbing alone?
    Pretty much, or so I have heard.

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    I would think it's best to plug the lines to be honest. The intake manifold has the injection ports fabbed in behind the carbs close to the engine. With that in mind the air speed will still draw out the oil in those lines until the pump becomes empty. Now you will have a place for air to hide when the ski isn't running. The chance of having a lean seizure even if it's a slim one, could happen due to the extra air volume in the pump leaning the fuel mixture going in. I may be wrong and all that air could purge out as fast as a few rotations of cranking...but still not worth taking the chance to me.

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    you need to crimp off the oil lines from the pump to the intake if not then the manifold vacuum can possibly pull oil thru the pump also gravity can do it too. when I did mine I used a cigarette lighter and a pair of pliers, I cut the line on each end about an inch from the pump and intake lit the melted the line with the lighter and smashed the end down with the pliers while it was still hot. this was done outside of the ski while I was rebuilding the carbs so there were no gas fumes so BECAREFUL if your going to do this (you might want to use a soldiering iron if the pump is still in the ski.

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    You can do as you said with no side effects. I rode this way a couple years. It's the lazy po-man's way to go premix...

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