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    Help got a error on display whats it mean!

    ok went to lake yesterday on first start the display had a message come up it said sensor? my brother killed it in the middle of the lake and it would on click and after about three trys it started with no problem? is this the battery what does sensor mean?

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    Sensor could mean Environment (Air) sensor, water temp sensor or depth finder sensor (which needs to be turned on with BUDS)... Ron

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    When the message displays or you get an error beep, press Set 5 times and write down the code. Bring it back to the computer for us to look up or look it up yourself on the troubleshooting PDF in the How-to section. This is the easiest way I can think of to diagnose/fix your problem. Or you could look the code up in a shop manual if you own one..

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    Ctrl Alt Delete

    if you cant find the code on the list, we have so many guru's here that I am sure they can tell you what it means once you get the code . . .

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    i just thought it was weird how it wasnt starting what could be causing that

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    it is posible that there is 2 problems or only one. Sensor might be lake sensor out of range because its on the trailer in the sun and the start relay is getting flaky

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    is there a way to check to see if battery is bad?

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    You can take the battery to Advance Auto Parts and they will load test it for free. If the battry is 3 years old or more, it's time for a new one. The best battery is a gelcell. It will last much longer than a wet cell battery and needs no maintenance... Ron

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    its on a 2004 rxp and its the original battery

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