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    need installation help on steering cable

    I bought a new steering cable kit as well as the rear rubbber boot for my 1996 slt 780. The new cable already has a small rubber cover over the rear pivot point as well as the rear area where the cable telescopes out. Do I still need to install the long rubber boot over these existing rubber pieces. My old cable had the long rubber boot held at each end by small quick ties but to other 2 smaller rubber pieces were not present when I took the old cable out. Could someone give me advice on this?

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    yes, use all of the rubber boots and the long rubber boot use that one too............................................... ....

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    Put some water proof grease or other suitable lube inside each boot, especially the one where the shaft slides back and forth through the seal.

    While you're at it, lubricate the steering column up front. Amazing how easy steers when everything is lubricated!

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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

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    oh yeah that steering colum you can take it out.

    clean it up with brillo pad or a scuffing pad or even sand paper.

    grease it up.....slap it back together again and your shoulders will definitely luv you for it............!

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