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    FS Part out 97 Pro 785

    I have a complete 97 pro 785 that I am going to part out. The brand new motor only had around 10 hours on it. Motor rebuild includes new crank, pistons, seals and all. Let me know what you want and PM me an offer. It has a clear title and I am willing to sell it as is. It just needs the pipes reinstalled and the starter installed. It also has a single place trailer.

    Tripple pipes
    785 Motor all new
    Good working Display gauge
    Bar Pad
    Wiring harness
    exhaust valves with motor
    Gas tank
    Trim motor
    Impeller and sleve in great shape
    upper steering pad
    oil pump and lines with tank
    Extra cylinder
    intake grate
    ride plate
    steering cable
    throttle cable
    Stock super BN carbs and filter
    pipe water lines complete
    Much more I have everything from a running ski.

    Let me know what you want and PM me an offer.
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    is it triple pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPR RIDER View Post
    is it triple pipe
    Yes it is.

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    All 785 Pro's were. Pictures would be nice,what would you like to have complete?

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    Yeah, what keddano said. Also how much for the motor? Where are you located?

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    Reverse Handle Needed?

    Does you ski have reverse handle ? How much you want for it?

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    I live in MN. I would really like to see around $2,000 for it the way it sits with a good title. Everything is there. The hood and under the bars peices were taken off to paint and after getting them painted my brother decided to knock them to the ground so I was sick of dealing with it and putting money into it so now it is for sale/part out. I would much rather have someone come and take the entire thing. It would just take reassembly of the pipes and front hood assy to get it running again. The motor goes as follows. $700 for brand new rebuilt crank, $475, Misc. seals and labor $500 So I am looking at getting best offers on the motor.

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    PM sent as to where at in MN. I'm interested, maybe in the whole thing depending on the condition.

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    Sponsons ?

    Are the sponsons in good shape and what color are they , how much for the set .......????

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.ipper View Post
    Are the sponsons in good shape and what color are they , how much for the set .......????
    PM me an offer.

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