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    newbie, need advice on slt750

    i have done alot of reading on this site the past week. i got my hands on a 94 slt750 cheap. i got it running. it runs great at mid to full throttle. the fuel tank needs new pickups and new filters all the way around. i took it out today to test some theories and it progressively ran worse. it hunts at idle, cuts out( fuel prob, will be fixed this weekend), and later tonight it wouldn't stay running(with full tank of gas) and got harder, and harder to start. i drained the tank(before taking it out on water), has 93 shell in it, fresh mercury tc-w3 oil in it oil pump is working(i would like to test the injection sys if possible). last run from the beach to the dock (to take home) motor got very hot to the touch(compared to rest of day; i could keep my hand on cylinders for about 1 min).

    where do i start? fix the fuel issue and see what happens? install the triple pump? where do i find the right triple pump? check the reeds or pistons too? check oil injection sys?

    i also have a leak I believe on the driveshaft seal. how do i fix this? heard great things about greenhulk. sorry my 1st post is so long. jut trying to tell the whole story. any help is appreciated. buzz.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Buzz.

    Everything you ask has been covered many times over if you use the search function.

    Download the manual from the tech section before you do any work yourself.

    Definately need to rebuild the fuel system before you do any damage to the pistons. This includes the new triple outlet pump that can be bought from John Zigler (member here) or many other places.

    You should check the reeds if not replace them outright when the carbs are removed for inspection/cleaning.

    Oil pumps fail rarely, but checking it out wouldn't be a bad idea. Replace the oil hoses should you decide to keep it vs. going to a premix and a oil pump block off plate.

    As for the drive shaft seal, try greasing the fitting before you do anything else to it first.

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    I have read quite a bit, downloaded the manual too. just wanted to know if this is where i should start? just with the fuel sys? the reason i mentioned the oil is the fact that after 1.5 hours riding it didnt lower in the tank and the motor got hotter and harder to start.

    the other thing is where do i get parts for this ski? i couldnt find any dealers in Columbus.

    will the mikuni triple pump #DF52T work? cause a friend of mine has one at his shop.

    thanks for any help. the search feature is getting a workout dont worry. i just cant find parts.

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    Randy @

    He will have everything you need.

    That is the correct fuel pump. Replace ALL fuel lines. They deteriorate cracking and generally making a mess of things.
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    hey thanks! that website is sweeeeet!! do I need anything special to change out the reeds? two of mine are cracked.

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    Nothing special to it. Just be sure not to crack them by overtightening them and use loctite (hate to lose a screw in there).

    Also, give Randy a call if you don't see what you want. He hoards all the good stuff.

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