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    Stupid people shouldnt ride ski's (safety first)

    We went out the other day after work went to the river there is a group of us about 6 that ride together. Well we were on shore trying to get a ski running right. My friend took his little girl for a ride going slow staying to him self. Some idiot just started heading towards him so he let off the gas the guy just kept heading towards him and kept going. My friend grabbed his little girl and the idiot ran right into him. Thank god the little girl didn;t get hurt at all just shaken up. My buddy broke his foot. But all in all it could of been worse. That was one of the worst sounds i have ever heard. (next to a street bike crashing). If the other guy was paying attention this could of been avoided. It ruined everybodys day are nerves were all shot. But like I said to could of been worse. So think twice look twice everybody have a safe day, and a safe weekend.

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    I'm glad it wasn't worse like you said. PWC riders should educate themselves. So many people are injured every year over just plain PWC education principals. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope others take the time to learn from this incident and share knowledge. Again, I'm glad it wasn't worse and I hope yourbuddys foot heals fast.

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