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    93 SL750 Engine Rebuild and Hull Reno

    I currently have my 93 SL750 completely dissmantled. I am rebuilding the engine, due to a water back up, which with the oil turned to a orange/yellow creamy goo. I have everything relatively clean, and the new gaskets to rebuild. The Hull is being completely sanded, and Marine Premium filler used for any nicks, before the big paint job.

    I have a few questions along my journey however. I believe it's called an actuator arm that connects with the starter to jump start the flywheel. (Picture Below) However, when I shake it, it has something that moves around inside. Sounds like a loose piece of metal. Is this right, or is there something broken in it. Last I checked it did work.

    Additionally, I notice a small hair line crack in the upper portion of the crankshaft casing. It's on the water cooling portion though. I am thinking of weilding it, but if no real pressure how important is it. Picture shown below.
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    The starter thinkamagig is called a bendix it has counter weights that can rattle make sure that the garter spring is around the weights . The crack can be welded as not to leak water into the hull.

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    I just zoomed in on your bendix and the spring is missing. I would get a replacement bendix as it is a PITA to change in the boat. Many brands use the same bendix.

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I will weld it, just in case. Don't want to be here again next summer.

    As for the bendix, it's good to know it's actual name. I will start my search for a new one. Thanks again

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