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    Stock stxr with prok flame arrester jetting?

    i have an 02 stxr that is completly stock. I want 2 upgrade to aftermarket flame arresters probaly PROK. Do i need 2 make any jetting changes and if so what sizes. I live in pa and the elevation is around 800 - 1000ft above sea level.

    Thanks 4 your help

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    You need to rejet to #170 jetting and add two washers too your needles on each carb slide.

    You can drill the jets up you currently have with a #51 drill bit but do it slowly better by hand even. The washers you'll have to call [email protected] about or a motorcylce shop to get the correct size but you have to add atleast two to help open the needle up more so you don't have a lean spot around 6000 rpm.

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    I would do jets...

    Never drill in my opinion....Just because the possibility of running a cross hatch in there or could even be off by .5mm would be enough to make a jetting night mare.

    Plus unless you can measure each jet acurately then how would you know they are the same.

    If one jet flows just even a little more fuel then the other then that cylinder will always be rich on carbs you cant adjust.

    but that is Just My opinion...

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    Just to let you know that adding only f/a's wont do anything for you performance wise. I very much doubt you will be able to tell.

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    Thanks for all your help. I will give it a shot.

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