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    Higher rpms after oil change, wtf?

    I changed my oil and got over 7000 rpms and about 61 on the gps finally, as opposed to 6750 at 56. The problem is it lasted about 5 or 10 minutes GOD DAMN I HATE THIS THING. I changed plugs and oil and it ran good (still not as good as it should) for about 10 minutes, then it just magically goes back down to putting along at 6750 at 55!!!!!!!! I go back to the dock and go back out after 20 minutes and it is at 7000 rpms again for about 10 more minutes then back down, and now it just stays at 6750. Once again, any ideas???????????

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    Did you change the type of oil - like going from Castrol to BRP mineral? Also, if you had too much oil in the engine, you would loose close to 200 rpms. I picked up 2 mph when I did the reverse bucket mod, filled the ride plate holes and changed back to BRP 10W-40 mineral oil. Your 61 mph isn't bad for a stock 185-hp ski, but at 7000 rpms, you are way over propped. You should be around 755-7600 rpms... Ron

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    imo, it sounds like you have a s/c issue.. I know the 03 doesn't
    have the ceramic washer!!!
    you are either way off pitch on your impeller or
    you just aren't making the correct power level.
    You should be 7400-7600 rpms at 61-64 mph depending
    on conditions..
    The oil change thing was probably just a coincidence..
    you are getting better rpms when first out probably due
    to heat soak after 10 min or so of hard riding..
    You might need to get a lower thermostat if it's really
    hot where you ride..
    I'd check easy things first like: plugs, impeller/wear ring, hose
    from s/c to throttle body, etc..
    Then if all that is in perfect shape, it may just be time to
    send your s/c to Jerry for a service

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    Yes I did switch to brp oil and I am sure that is why it went higher but I just can't figure out why it will not stay higher. And foggy everything you have said to check is fine, I put brand new plugs, brand new impeller and wear ring. I just put this mofo up for sale on craigslist, asking 6499 with 56 hours and double trailer. To much or to little?
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    which impeller did you put in??????
    Might be a little high on asking price, but you never know!!

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    what thermostat are you running? I switched to the 160 thermostat from the stock 188. and my rpms stay strong from start to finish. is it possible that yours is getting hot and the computer is pulling timing out of the motor?

    it's either that.. or the possibilty that your supercharger washer need changing out? how many hours you have on your ski? the fact the power is there when its first starts off, then comes back after it has cooled... heat related issues to the motor or washers.. my 2 cents

    good luck!

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    I put in the solas 12/20, and I am running the stock thermostat but that is a very good thing for me to change if I do not sell it because yesterday it was 101 degrees.

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    You will lose at least 200 rpms in that kind of heat, especially
    after riding for a while due to heat in the hull.

    The 12/20 has proven time and time again to be
    "too much" for a bone stock boat..
    I found out the hard /expensive way, just like you....
    It needs to be tweaked a little to get the rpms back up..
    Even if you pulled 7400 in cooler temps, you might be
    down to 7100 -7200 in 100* heat.
    You can always just tell who ever you sell it to that
    you will cover the cost or have the impeller repitched for them..
    I think Dave at Impros will charge less that $100 to do it for
    Once you get your rpms back up to 7500 or so, Your speed
    will rise accordingly.

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    go out right now, and with the ski level, check the oil level...Where is it on the stick? if its full or above the top notch, you got too much oil in there...It should be about 1/2 to 3/4 stick...

    second, that prop is fine, it just needs to be pitched to work with the motor...7600 is where you should be, the SC really starts to kick in after 7100 on that ski...

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    It needs to be tweaked a little to get the rpms back up..

    That's what I was saying Danny.. The prop is the correct one,
    It just needs pitch adjustment to work on a "stock" 185 hp boat.

    He would want 7600 at ideal temps and maybe 7400 or so
    in the mid summer heat, that way when it cools to say
    80* or so , he will not be banging off the rev limiter!

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