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    Saw An Accident Today On The Water

    Yep, I didn't see it happen, I got there right after it happened. But there was a 20-22ft Center Console involved and another Boat (don't know what one, there were Boats everywhere at the Scene trying to help) and they collided and the Driver (don't know if there were Passengers) of the Center Console was thrown from the Boat into the Water. It was a pretty hard hit because the Pole for the Bimini Top was broke off on the Starboard Side, and it was just sitting there hanging. But that's not the bad part. The Center Console was STILL RUNNING!! Luckily it was stuck going in a Circle, but was going about 20-25mph. So the Center Console was driving in a Circle out of control. There were about 4 Coast Guard Boats, 3 Bay Constables, 2 Sea Tow's, and 1 Tow Boats US there trying to get the Center Console under control. I left, so I don't know if they ever got to the Boat, or if they were just gonna get it go until it ran out of Gas. The Driver of the Center Console has severe Head, Neck, and Back Injuries, and I don't know about anyone else.

    So the moral of the Story is, PLEASE be safe out on the Water. Look not only in front of you, but to the sides, and behind you also to see if there is anyone trying to pass you, and ALWAYS wear your Safety Lanyard. Even if you are just going out for a quick 1 minute ride to test something out on your Boat or 'Ski.

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    Wow, they are fortunate that the vessel did not strike them while in the water! It is difficult to stop a runaway vessel depending upon environmental factors.

    In my line of work over the years I've stopped 4 underway runaway boats, all at various speeds.

    2 of which I jumped onto side by side, one was in Galveston Texas, another in California and road to shore. A third was also at a race where the throttle had a strike and was stuck WOT on a stand pro event last year at '07 World Finals, Boat #10, the racer was using head signals and erratic riding, I pulled alongside him with my Kawi and rescue board, got the picture really quick...he was justifiably in a panic, placed my rescue board in front of his trackline and he rode right upon the rescue board keeping his pump in the water so the engine wouldn't seize... I rode him to shore at the EZdocks, we quickly undid the hood and disconnected the battery. That was one of the strangest boat recoveries I've done.

    This racer was so pro, he was only concerned he would lose his boat and it would take off on it's own and hurt someone. I give him so much credit....

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