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    Thumbs up head gasket- water flow

    I got a question about a head gasket that I just got. I am working on a 1978 js440, it was a little low on compression. I'm putting it back together and the new head gasket just has a few holes punched through for the water passage ways. The stock gasket pretty much was fully opened up around all the cut out in the head. Now do I need to open the holes up to match the head? Or will this not affect any water flow, and just use it as is?
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    use as is. just make sure you put it on right. if i remember, one of the corners has a larger hole than the others. If I remember correctly that larger hole goes on the rear right hand side of the block and any indentations should be raised on the top of the gasket. or look for the word UP and make sure it is readable. not sure what gasket you have

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