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    rxp-x letting me down!!!

    i recently bought a brand new rxp-x and at 10 hrs while doing the oil change i also bought a few lil things to spunk it up a bit. i bought the R&D grate, the manifold upgrade kit , and the free flow exhaust tube. the day i got my ski i spanked up my buddy with his SHO so the next day he went and put the riva rpm kit and has been pulling on me since. i was hoping with these few mods id be the one beating him again but thats not the case. my rpm's arent going over 7880 either. sorry for the long post just trying to post as much info as possible to see what input any experienced peers on the sight might have

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    What are the weather conditions? Your RPM's should be around 8000. Did you re pitch your stock prop? You are definitely losing speed from the lower RPM's. You could try an air intake.

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    im in south ,Fl so it always hot but today wasnt that hot of a day . as far as prop all stock. i was thinking of having jawz re pitch my prop and do a few more things to the ski soon, and i agree with the intake might help im just wondering why its not getting the right speed stock before i start really modding it further

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    First of all get some GPS data on your ski.

    The Jawz prop would be a great choice.
    I think sometimes when people start buying random parts they would be better off getting a complete balanced kit. For example people may go out and get the Riva free flow exhaust, but they do not realize Riva states clearly you must re-pitch the stock impeller for best performance...

    at any rate, something seems fishy here---your stock craft should equal his even with the Riva he installed...

    The Riva SHO kit results: 68 mph

    The Riva RXP-X kit results: 74 mph

    For stock reference, here's what a 3 seat T-X and an RXT did to the SHO...

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    1.) What RPM's were you running at before your mods/oil change?

    2.) Have you checked oil level when hot?

    After you make sure everything else is OK...

    You need an air intake. The Riva 3" is fine if you want bolt on, or make a Kanaflex 4" intake for less $$$ (and slightly better performance).

    The 3" intake gave me ~180RPM increase which required me to get a new prop (or repitch the stocker). My speed in in my sig below. Keep in mind with my weight I was seeing 67.8mph GPS at 10 hours and all stock. I've gained almost 5mph consistantly and noticably more accelleration with my mods.

    -=Mike G.

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    Yes, check your oil with the engine hot and the ski level. Idle the engine for 30 seconds, turn it off and wait another 30 seconds, then check the oil. It should be in the middle of the bends. Too much oil can cause the engine to loose 200 rpms... Ron

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    even before the oil change the ski hasnt gone over 7880 but i did notice they put plenty of oil in it at the dealer when i got it. when i did the oil change its now reaching close to the top of the two bends so im thing the oil might be robbing out some rpm. i know i have to repitch my prop for the mods ill be doing in the future but if i gotta get the ski to turn the stocker at atleast 8k before i do that. when i gps the ski bone stock it ran 65.1 best on a full tank.

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