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    "Low oil press" message at 3200 rpm

    Hi, I have an '03 GTX SC Ltd. Recently turned 10 hours and stopped by a dealer to have the 10 hr. reminder removed and headed for the lake. Immediately had a new problem. When I tried to accelerate after a normal warm up, the "Low oil Pres." warning came on and the ski went into limp mode. Immediately restarted and no warning until I again tried to accelerate and the same low pressure & limp mode occurred around 3200 rpm. This repeated a few times and after awhile the problem went away and the ski was fine all day. Each following day I went through the same scenario. Problem seemed to go away after the ski was thourghly warmed up.
    Oil level was good when checked per shop manual procedure. I checked and cleaned the threads and wire connector of the top "oil pressure sending unit". I can't quite get to the lower rear oil pressure sending unit.
    I called a dealer and he suspects the "oil pressure regulator". I think its more likely the sending unit as the problem goes away when everything is warm... Anyone have a similar problem or any thoughts??
    Thanks, JIM

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    03's had problems with the oil senders.
    Change the front oil pressure sender first, if the problem persists, change the rear one.

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    ^ Right on

    I had this exact problem with TWO GTX limited's.. I replaced the top sending units on both of them. One of them it fixed the problem completely, on the other I had to change the bottom one as well.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping to narrow it down to which sending unit as it occurs just when accelerating and at about 3200 rpm. If I can't narrow it down I'm going to order both and start with the top one. Any hints as to getting to the rear lower one. Looks like the throttle body has to be removed. JIM

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    You are exactly right - the TB needs top come off to get to that sensor... Ron

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