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    96 slt 780 lubricating shaft coupler?

    Working on my ski right now and following maintenance maunal.

    Can anyone tell me, can i lubricate my shaft coupler without taking shaft apart to the point your inspecting bumpers etc. manual recommends every 100 hours etc. and i just bought the ski...splines rattle a litlle at idle speeds and i just want to make sure it greased up with as little pian as possible as i am still not very confortable taking ski to pieces, especially something as important as the drive shaft.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Oh i might ad, this is the one with the bonded rubber coupler..only grease fittting i see is on bearing housing

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    I found the cone shaped fitting for grease gun recommended for driver shafts, just unsure how i stick it into the o-ring or where I put it..scared to tear something up that i do not have the know how to pulling drive shafts etc....Thanks ahead of time

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    Guess I can't type either, yes I know it's a drive shaft

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    Grease the only grease fitting you see until it squirts out from the grease seal..............

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