i have some MFD's here for sale....

one, from a 1995 SLT 750. this is the round, 8 - pin one that mounts in the hood. it is in good shape, and works, BUT some of the digits are faded at the top. 100.00 + s&h

2nd is from a 1996 SL780. this is an 8 pin. also in good shape and works. digits are also "light" at the top. 100.00 + s&h

3rd is also from a 96 SL780. also an 8 - pin. this on eis MINT. it was jsut installed as new, not long ago. it is showing only 5 hrs. 250.00 + s&h.

you can see pictures of all of these at my photo link below, look in the polaris hull section.

send me an email if interested. thank you.