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    Help 2003 1200xlt blowing pistons

    Had the ski out and loss power 27mph took it home check compression 1st cylinder was 0 pulled apart pinston was broke up and cylinder ruined
    sent out got it re nicklie piston to match to the tune of 560.00 made sure the bottom end was clean put back together ran a little rough then got up to 60mph then loss power. to home check compression in that cylinder, 120 put new plugs in went back out ran alittle better 47mph but that was it then It just died in the water started up and had limp back 10 minutes of riding and back to 0 compression in the same cylinder
    took it apart and the piston was broke up again Yamaha dealer said look like the ring was installed wrong and caught the port and broke. but I'm pretty sure I put them in right. Right now I sick Please Help!!!!!

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    What was the original cause of detonation? Post some pics

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    re 1200

    Picture are ugly piston ring 1 broke 2 is seiged in but is in place just 2 score mark at port in cylinder but pretty good gouges about 1/8 on two sides top of the piston is burn up all around the egdes The power valve plug was up hook that might of been the first problem no positive thanks for responding I just sick seem like I did everything right I did have some scaring on the head which I sanded down but still had some pitting, don't know what is causing this or is it two diffent problems thanks

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    With out pics it is hard to say, have the carbs ever been rebuilt, are there wave eater clips? Odds are it ran lean got hot and seized... A power valve might of dropped but my money is on the carbs...

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    1200xlt proplems

    took it to a tech he said it look like the ring broke cause of cold seizure meaning with new cylinder I went to fast to soon and didn't put oil in my gas for break in period. Now I have a head that has some nicks in the ports (3) can I hone the new niclesil just a little without hurting the cylinder. could the cylinder be bad and caught a ring after being nickelsil? If the piston was to tight would that cause it to break the ring?
    Thanks Dave

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    you CAN hone the nikasil ever so lightly, but I have never come across "cold siezure" before. I have always found as long as you bring them up to running temperature (2 - 3 minutes) then you should be fine.

    I really think stlouisramsfan has the idea...... Carb leaning out, this will cause instant over heating of the cylinder. Especially at hard throttle.

    get some pics on and all will be revealed

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