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  • GIO on 07 Ultra250 Model

    81 57.86%
  • GIO on 08 Ultra250 Model

    20 14.29%
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    36 25.71%
  • GIO on 09 Ultra250 Model

    3 2.14%
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    GIO Members volunteer role call

    OK here are the rules.

    *No bashing at all, just information pertaining to the GIO issue

    *No complete VIN numbers, too much shady stuff going on

    *No double posting, you get one and only one input.

    *Must state name, Model Year, area purchased and how often you change your oil due to issue

    *Please include aftermarket item used to resolve the issue. R&D or OCMS

    *List as much info as you feel comfortable doing.

    *Must state weather you are open to being contacted and if so list contact information. You must state that you wish to not be contacted if you dont want to be part of anyones issues.

    Remember this is a voluntary listing in effort to help other members or new members with the issue and the conclusion or fixes.

    I'll start with mine experience so you guys can follow if you like.

    Skip Holmes
    07 Ultra 250
    Bought it in Central Florida
    Had GIO as soon as 5 hours. It caused oil to be blown into my intercooler and intake manifold filling with gas filled oil. This I believe caused me to foul of several sets of plugs before realizing the issue. I found that doing several oil changes would calm the issue down but it still was an issue. I made one warranty claim with my dealer and was declined but was offered a free oil change.

    I resolved the issue by selling my 07 and purchasing an 08 but still I have to install the R&D can completely avoid GIO.

    Recently I have found the OCMS to be a alternative to the R&D kit.

    I have had no oil analyzes done.


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    gregt909's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Montgomery Texas
    Bought mine in Sept. 2007 in Texas. My oil level was high when I checked it at 10 hours. I drained it and got about 5 quarts. Since then I have put another 13 hours or so and the level appears to be staying the same from where I filled it to. It's possible the dealer over filled it when I picked it up? I don't think I have a GOI issue with my 2007.

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    May 2007
    Melbourne, FL
    2007, multiple plug failures, fuel was over 6% per oil analysis at 13 hours. Reported to dealer and to Kawasaki. Kawasaki rep visited ski said all was fine.

    Do not feel I should be responsible to assume any aftermarket fix. Design change for 08 to me indicates they know there was issue, and respectfully have requested a permanent fix for my investment for my 07. Letters and calls made to Kawasaki direct. Dealer was more than happy to assist, no support from manufacturer.

    Looks like oil changes every ten hours are required...

    Do not wish to be contacted, however this thread is enough support and evidence to make a case that there is an issue the manufacturer needs to support and address to those who have bought an 07 Ultra 250X

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    Jun 2007
    Southern UK
    Rob Nash
    Brought my ski at easter the UK.
    Had good support from my dealer on all warranty issues...
    Had rising oil level since I purchased my ski and have manged it myself...
    I have also had at least four plug failures to date.
    I use the R&D kit at the moment but will be replacing with the copy 08 fitting, as this has not eased my GIO at all. I ride hard whenever I ride and I,m currently changing my oil evry two tank fulls of fuel..

    I do not wish to be contacted on this matter, but feel that this is a posotive step in the right direction...Kawi should take heed of all this free r&d in their product...and if they come up with a fix then fair play to them..for those out of warranty like myself please make it available for us to purchase too...

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    Purchased 2008 Ultra250x
    17 Hours GIO and fowled plugs
    dealer changed oil and plugs Kawasaki covered it.
    3 hours later 20 hours total GIO and running ruff...
    dealer is changing cylinder and rings per Kawasaki....
    dealer told me I wasn't running ski hard enuff...
    LOL.....wfo would fix problem...funny huh...
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    My Jet Ski drinks more than yours Glenozzy's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    SML, VA
    Glen Ossman
    07 Ultra 250
    Bought it in South West VA
    Boat would not run at 42 hours, repaired under warranty
    Dealer said I had GIO and wound now have to change oil every 10 hours.
    after 10 hour oil changes oil looks "BAD" almost like black water

    I have had no oil analyzes done.


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    Butch Long
    Bought (2) 2007 250X's last summer and have around 30hrs on (1) and 12hrs on the other. I have to change the oil at least every 10hrs which is probably still too long of intervals. I put in roughly 4 quarts and drain out around 7 each time.Purchased in central Illinois and ok to contact.
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    Warragul, Downunder
    corey. purchased from newyork motorcyles in dec.'07. first service at 10hr changed oil and filter noticed i pulled out more oil than kawasaki recommends. put in recommended oil amount next oil change at 32hr (was going to service as per manual but wanted to check again as oil was very black) same again more than required amount pulled out. Have since modified the catchcan to deal with GIO issues. at this stage no more GIO with limited hours since doing mod.
    more than happy to be contacted.

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    May 2007
    Nicholasville, Ky.
    David Bishop
    Nicholasville Ky
    retired dealership Honda technician and small shop owner
    ase master tech
    honda gold level tech
    automotive technology degree

    Bought 2007 ultra 250x in north west ky.

    some gas in oil. Not as bad as others but enough to do real damage in time. No oil analysis done. No need to. I aint no veterinarian but i know a horses a** when i smell one.

    fixed problem by developing Oil Contamination Management System
    (OCMS) with another individual here on greenhulk. My ski is now free of the problem. I wish Kawi would address the problem and admit it. And at least buy everyone with a 250x an OCMS. It is inexpesive, easy to install and use.

    Would be OK to contact me in GIO matter or OCMS matter. PM me hear on greenhulk for contact info.

    No other problems. Recalls done. Still think Kawi makes the best ski.

    Never contacted kawi as i know what the answer was going to be and didnt want to waist my time.


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    08 Bought in February of 08, manufactured, 12/07.

    At 5 hours I thought I smelled GIO. Changed Oil at 5 hours. At 10 hours did dealer service, with no Gio. At 11 hours I put in Amsoil marine synthetic oil. I now have 40 hours on the same oil with no GIO. No other problems either.
    Any one needing to contact me feel free.

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