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    newbie help

    Heres the deal....
    I live in th great state of Maine. Having trouble finding a good pwc engineer. Everyone wants to replace the impeller. After the last impeller replacement, #2 in 2 years, The oil warning light comes on after a cold start. After the 3 minutes of starting and running the ski at idle, when I try to accelerate the oil warning light comes on and the ski shuts down.. after this the ski runs fine..engine oil level is good... Any feedback would be appreciated .

    2004 gtx bombardier
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    Try replacing the oil sensor. Also, what 2004 GTX do you have? 155, 185, or 215 limited?

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    When its not the oil sensor. Check your SC washers.

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    The early oil pressure sensors had peoblems. They're around $25 if you change it yourself. Are you sure that you are checking the oil correctly? You need to: level the ski, warm engine, idle for 30 seconds, stop engine, wait for 30 seconds, then check the oil. It should be in between the bends on the dipstick... Ron

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    welcome to the forum dvcourt

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