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    Skat Trak 13/18 in Stock Raider?

    I got my hands on a new skat-track super slim line 13/18 impeller with 5 degree kick. It is intended for a Wave Blaster 1 with 144 pump. I am wondering if that would fit in a 94 Raider with 144 pump and is it advisable to use this impeller with a stock engine?

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    it would fit but only recommend for bottom end you will lose mid and top-your ski came stock with a 17/20 and skat recommends a 14.5/18.5 for stock 94 raider replacement

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    Thanks for the info. I will pass on it in that case. I was looking for more low end and mid end but it seems like this prop will make it sluggish as a whole.

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