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    SL 900 and SL 1050 RPM issue

    Hello All,
    Been a while since I posted on here! Anywho, we just bought a 97 SL1050. Thing is really cherry, had only 23 hours on it, all original, everything worked and is in great shape. Upon taking it out to the river, we did notice an issue. Now recall the baseline is our old slt750s from 1995 that we bought from new and really babied and they run great. They still do about 50 mph @ 6300 rpm. BUT both the SL900 we have the the new to us SL 1050 only rev to about 5300-5500 rpms. The thing worth noting is that, when both skis are out of water, being flushed on the trailer or airborne from waves they will rev up to what I thought is the right number 6400-6500 rpms. I don't know what it could possibly be because as I said when the props aren't pulling water, the motors can rev up all the way, but when in the water, I am not getting the full rpm.

    The SL 900 has less than 10 hours after a rebuild. The SL 1050 has 25 hours on an original motor. Both skis, although they will not fully rev, will run to 50-55 mph on the display, but again its only at 5300-5500 rpms. Both of the pumps are great and props are not bent. We always use the recommended oil. Driveshafts have been lubed @ grease fitting. Have good spark across all three cylinders. All cylinders seem to be getting fuel. All cylinders read 120 to 125 PSI compression.

    Dad thinks the carbs are dirty... Could this really be the case although both motors will rev over 6k when out of water? HELP!

    PS will post pics of the new toy ASAP

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    Engines will rev with no load, even if things are not 100%.

    Removal and disassembly of the carbs to clean them internally is good insurance.

    While you have the carbs off, have a look at the intake reeds. Make sure they are in good shape, and sealing properly.

    Check that the carb screws are set to factory settings, or close. Count the turns (and partial turns) for each screw to gently bottom out, record the numbers for each cylinder, and compare with the factory settings, as outlined in the Service Manual.

    If the engine is still low on RPM after the carbs are cleaned, then you will need to check other things.

    Make sure you are running the correct spark plugs, and they are properly gapped. Also, you may want to trim the ends of the plug wires a bit, and re-attach the spark plug boots. Sometimes the plug wires get a little frayed inside at the ends, and make poor contact.

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    My money would be on a bad stator. My 96 900 did the same thing when the stator crapped out. Low power and low RPM. Also verify timing. Check the carbs so you don't burn it down too.

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    I'd certainly start with the fuel system.
    Clean the carbs and verify the fuel line is not rotting away or kinked anywhere. If it were mine, I'd just replace the fuel line due to age.
    Check the crank index and make sure the engine(s) are healthy O.K. as well.

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    pops beat me to the pics. here:

    Problem is fixed on the 1050.. I will let him chime in on what the issue was on it.. turns out the fuel lines at the sender were loose, maybe from age or whatever, perhaps letting air into the lines.. Tightened them up and it just flies, full rpm and great throttle response. Actually sorta scary on choppy water. Got the speedo to read 72 in a calm section sunday! Im sure thats not dead on accurate though..

    Good news is we took down an 08 aqua trax 4stroke turbo this weekend .. and that guy paid 12k for it new! But it did come with a 4 year warranty haha.

    Now moving on to working on the *(%%^#@# SL 900.... thx for the input all!
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