Hi Guys....several weeks ago I had trouble with a NO SPARK issue on my GP1300R 2003 model as the previous owner had let the ski stand for 8 months. Initially i'd been checking the obvious like tilt position switch & all the easy stuff such as spark plugs etc etc but to no avail, I then removed stinger & throttle bodies thinking the NO SPARK issue could be down to a faulty TPS switch or OTK switch ???
Initially findings seemed to be none of the above switches but appeared to be a sticking (partially open) throttle body on number 3 back cylinder. I managed to free this off & got everything working smoothly once again on the throttle bodies, the SPARK had returned instantly.
I set about refitting the stinger & exhaust brackets etc etc & used the ski one time at low to mid revs only. The ski was stopped and started on the water many times without any issues whatsoever. The ski was also run on the hose when I returned & everything was fine. I had no problem starting the ski on many occasions after this.
The ski then went to the local Yam dealer & had the throttle cable recall done & they lake tested it & it ran fine on that date too. Two weeksa after the recall had been done I sold the ski & the new owner took it out on the lake, it ran perfectly for 30 to 45 minutes (half & full revs). The new owner then stopped the ski while he had a bite to eat. On his return to the ski it would not start once again. THe fault is NO SPARK once again.
My question is does anyone have any good tech advice & do both the switches TPS & OTK kill the spark if faulty/sticking ??? I'm told that the switch bolted on the front end of the throttle bodies (TPS) will NOT KILL SPARK but I am told that the switch situated right next to where the throttle cable feeds in (OTK Switch) WILL kill the SPARK.
I'm confused really.
Please can anyone also tell me how I disconnect the fuel hose at the fuel tank end because I next time I need to be able to pull the full throttle body assembly right out of the ski so I can take a better look. I couldnt remove the hose from the gas tank first time aroud because I wasnt sure how it was disconnected without cutting it somewhere along the line.
May I just add that I think the two sensors in the stinger are ok....is it the lowe one only that can affect spark & if so how do I check it ?
Cat is removed by the way & it has a D-Plate fitted.
I get a very brief display of the number 48 & then I get 01 code on the LCD panel when I do the check. I also get a brief warning buzzer sound but the engine will not run because there is NO SPARK on any cylinder
Thankyou so much guys....I really do appreciate this & I am truly grateful in advance