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    2005 Gti And Oil Leak Already?? Help!

    I just bought a used 2005 GTI for $4,200. Less than a 100 hrs on it. When I picked it up that hull was clean! I mean like new. Had not been driven yet this year. Has the winterization ticket from Sept hanging on the trailer yet. I trailered it home. 2 1/2 hour drive. Get home, top off the oil and fuel and took it for a ride. Runs excellent, nice ride. Get home and notice a little oil seeping under oil tank. I had the trailer nose on the ground last night, so the jetski was pointed down. Checked it this morning and oil all over under the gas tank!! Nice mess that was spraying it all out. I wiped everything clean and dry. Oil level is now below the seam line on oil tank. Looked like that is where it all leaked out. On the front side next to the gas tank. Looked in the owner's manual and it says to keep oil level 1/2 inch below the top. That would place the level right at the seam line or just below I think. Now I don't know if the outlet was leaking or not. Have to check tomorrow. Did I just overfill it or is that oil tank bad? I thought Seadoo would have fixed this problem from the 90's!! this thing was so clean and dry I didn't even check for oil leaks because it looked so new. Also, I ran it with the same plugs in it from winterization, should I change those and why? What should I be aware of with this machine? Thanks for any replies!!

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    Anyone with any thoughts??

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    Is it a good deal at least?

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    I had an '01 GTS a long time ago. The oil tank cracked right at the seam. Leaked all over the place. Solution was to replace the oil tank.

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    Do all the GTI's and GTS's do this??? There are two GTI's 01 and 02 near me that have done the same damn the oil tank for those different?
    Hull crystal clear, add oil go ride, come back, oil all over hull.

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    I can't believe they have not addressed this issue from the 90's models!! This is BS!!! 2005 and same issue???

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    Guess I will replace the oil tank. I just can't believe I didn't feel for oil when I bought it. Could it have just happened from trailering it after I picked it up? I mean that bilge area is like new. Very few hours on this thing. There aren't even any scratches at all on the hull!

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    Had the same problem on a 2001 GTI. This is a very common problem. The tank will leak at the seam. New tank runs about $80.00 if I remember correctly.

    Also, awhile back someone discussed 'plastic welding' the tank to seal the seam. Not sure if it worked out but inforomation might be available with a search.

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    Allot of times they crack from being overfilled. If the seam is not clear replace the tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    Allot of times they crack from being overfilled. If the seam is not clear replace the tank.
    If they are overfilled and sit in the sun the oil will expand and crack the tank... Ron

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