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    I am looking for the compression on a 95 GTX

    I have a ski I recently got that apparently was sending off the overheat buzzer after 200 yards. I want to check everything. So any ideas would be appreciated.

    I am wondering what the compression is supposed to be on this? Any ideas?


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    a perfect compression should be about 140-150

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    Thanks. Since this is not a new engine as long as the compression comes up quick and is similar on moth cylinders, I am guessing I am okay?

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    Yes around 150 is normal & comp has nothing to do with overheating or alarm going off.

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    Start by replacing the sending unit between the two spark plugs.

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    Is there a way to test the temp sending unit to see if it works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedoseadoo View Post
    Start by replacing the sending unit between the two spark plugs.
    Nothing like using a Shotgun fix. Start at the begining. Is it a salt water SKi? On the hose is water coming out of the inside of the pump and the exaust also the pissers. Look inside the pump while its running on the hose and make sure its not the water from the exaust getting blown out around the pump. Then reproduce the problem and when the buzzer goes off check to see if its real hot and see if taking off the plug to the sender gets rid of the problem. If its realy hot dont bother with the sensor look for an flow problem make sure the hose routing to the head is right. Look at the arrows cast in the head at the nipples

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    Yeah, its a salt water. I will check all the lines again and ensure they are clear. The guy I got it from said the PTO cylinder would be hot, that is why I wanted to check compression on it first. But I am not sure he was reliable...

    If the lines are all clear and the PTO cylinder does get hot it probably is blocked somehow I guess. Is there a way to clear this or do I have to strip the engine apart?

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