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    Question 95 XP for $50...MONEY MAKER

    Two friends and i just bout a 95 xp for $50. If you do the math we each only paid $16.66, thats pretty good. The machine does not have any engine in it because the guy sold it for $30-smart... But it still has perfect guages, gas and oil tank, all computer and electrical modules, vts motor and of course the hull itself. we are not sure if we should scrap all these parts out seperatly or sell as is. The olny thing we are keeping is the ride plate because we seem to break so many from jumping. How much could we expect from this? Anybody feel free to voice their opinion.---thanks

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    at least $5

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    Fill It Up With Gas And You Can Double Your Money Just Having Fun=d> Good Luck.todd

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    probably about $150 each. i know who to get cheap parts from now.

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    it came with 8 year old gas and oil. its on ebay right now. gettin rid of everything

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    You & your two friends are gonna look funny on that thing all together with no motor and three paddles
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