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    07 1300 overheating?

    guys i friend is having a problem. 07 1300 stock 20 hrs. Right front squirtter choking left spitting fine. Ok. said had half power then i checked and seen seaweed. great ! now for some reason exhaust seems louder and the plugs being 1st from nose is blistard black(steaming) .... middle brown going gray and last toward rear dry white. Now what? didnt do compression check yet, I will do it before we run it to the dealer. Running like crap. I think his cylinder is done.

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    Welcome to the forum.Sounds like you sucked up seaweed and clogged the cooling system and possible hurt the motor.Check compression and let us know.

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    same thing happened to my 04, front cylinder burnt black middle about the same but not as dark. ended up being the water intake manifold (as i named it, not sure of the actual part name) but the plastic piece that attaches to the bottom of the exhaust manifold where water first enters the engine was melted on the middle and back cylinder causing the front and middle cylinders to not have enough water. also found that the hose at the transom had come off, but that might have happened during the tear down. i think a blown cat caused the melting. good luck

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