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    FS:2003 Yamaha AR210, Not happy to sell, but here she is.

    This is my 2004 yamaha ar210 jetboat. I have owned it for 6 months but now I am opening up a new company and MUST get rid of the boat. I love the boat and it has treated me awesome, but right now I guess is not the time to be owning a boat in my life. Price 15000 obo, REALLY need to get rid of it so make me an offer.
    The boat has 130 hrs on it, it may have a bit more as I still use it as much as I can b/c it really relaxes me at the end of the week. I have added a couple of things that it needed and for reliability and better drivability.
    -New sony cdxm50 headunit w/ intergrated ipod connection
    -New sony speakers all around
    -Dual battery setup with yellow top optima batteries and battery charger installed
    -Island Racing fuel/air seperator. I put in b/c it helps starting(BIG TIME) and keeps the motors from running lean.(just installed it for safetly and the fact that I never have to choke the boat to start it after a week)
    -Cobra jet steering installed(nice handling improvment)
    -New yamaha steering wheel installed(old one was ugly to me and faded, this is like leather and thick, feels awesome)
    Trailer is included and I use it on a 50 mile commute and has no problems whatsoever.
    Problems w/ boat:
    -Rpm tachs are not working, it is a common problem on these boats so you can just replace them with teleflex gauges(I am apart of a forum called and lots of good info about this and this boat so whoever purchases can learn more about the boat)
    Besides that everything else on this boat is great, it has scratches here and there from the first owner , but overall the boat is in great shape and like I said I still use it EVERY weekend.

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