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    is this possible ???

    to take a super charger out ... and put a pro charger in its place ??? made by kenne belle ??? just wondering

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    Not exactly.

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    If you were somehow able to line everything up and make it work, i'd imagine it would be way too much for the motor in these skis.

    To give you an example, my 350Z has an Eaton M62 blower on it (Roots style like a Kenne Belle) which is one of the smallest SCs Eaton makes. And it's still able to make 7PSI on my 3.5L V6 and add an extra 100+ hp. My point being, a Kenne Belle is bigger then what i have, and you have a small 4 cylinder. Do the math. LOL

    If you do try it. Take a vid before you blow your motor!! It'll be pretty bad a$$ for a very short time!!!
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