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    Exclamation GP1200R, Take off and Cat replace question

    How can i increase my take off of my GP1200R without spending a lot of money doing. I'm also having trouble with my gp1200r boging down while riding sometimes. Is that caused from the Cat? Should i replace it with a D-Plate?

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    is anything done as yet?

    first port of call is a pump plug kit, will seal ya pump from sucking air

    (oh, and welcome to GH )
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    Welcome to the forums!!

    Pump plug kit -- $60 (or $10 if you buy some Bondo and have the time to fill the holes in)
    Jetworks flow control mod -- $170
    Solas 13/19 Concord impeller -- $100-$200 (depending if you snag a used one on here)

    Those three things will help considerably, and the d-plate is always advised as a first mod.

    Does the bogging happen just on takeoff from idle? If so... then the cat-con may be plugging up the exhaust, so you'll need to get it out ASAP and get the d-plate installed (with a sensor chip or resistor).

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    How can i increase my take off of my GP1200R without spending a lot of money doing.

    get a Solas YF CD 13/19 impeller

    Should i replace it with a D-Plate?


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    NO i have not done anything to it yet. I just bought it about 2 months ago and the problem with the bogging just started. It happens when i am at full throttle. The RPM drop to about 6400 and go up and down from the, never stays the same and you can feel the motor kicking in and out. When this happens the top speed becomes about 53 thats it. But then if it sits for awhile is ok but other times not. I have one more question 2. My throttle get stuck when it gets warm and i turn it off for a while. How can i fix that.

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    what's the lowdown on that solas impeller? Better holeshot, same top end? will it help top end?

    I understand that the impeller #'s are both pitch #'s, first for leading edge then trailing edge. is that correct?

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    Leo's Holeshot is worth every penny... You can do the jetworks mod for about $70 (Menards Hoses, brass fittings, order valve online)

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