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    The quality of the 2008 150 ???????

    Has anyone noticed the hardware on the cleats rotting away ?,the piston that holds up the drivers compartment is it supposed to have some strengh to it ?, it came down with a little wind and almost crushed my four year olds hand, oh and it doesnt lock even though it has a lock on it you just stick your finger in it to open . Why put a piston on if I have to hold it up anyway. Hinges all over the boat are already rusting , it should be stainless hardware. The plastic chrome cover over the guages falls off everytime I hit a little wake . These are just some of the things that I noticed on the boat right now and I 've only had it in the water for 3 months now with 36 hours on it. Anybody else has feedback on it?

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    I'm assuming your in salt water? You also said in the water for 3 months?

    Not that it's o.k. that it's rusting and you have trim pieces falling off. I run our 07 very hard (Lake Erie) and have not had anything falling off and no stress cracks. The shock is weak for the storage compartment and yes the lock is a joke. Charge me 100.00 extra for the boat and install some stout hardware! BTW I have no signs of rust or any signs of age at all it looks brand new, but i keep it in my shop when not in use so it's not fair to compare to a salt water exposed boat left outside.

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    Even stainless steel is no match for salt water; it will still eventually rust. I'm rarely in saltwater, but have a routine I do every month or two involving WD-40 and all the hinges and exposed bolts I see. In saltwater, that would be every week or two.

    I can't say that I have experienced an extreme lack of craftmanship, but I do keep my expectations low (that helps), realizing that it's not a Honda, and fix and maintain things regularly. Perhaps I would notice more, if I had to take it in the shop to get things fixed, but learned very early on that it's just easier and better to do it myself.

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    I use mine in salt water (42 hours so far) and haven't had any issues yet. Cleats all look like new and no rusting hinges. That said, I don't keep the boat in the water and keep it covered when not in use. I do the following after each outting:
    1. Flush out the exhaust system
    2. Rinse out the jet area
    3. Clean the entire boat with soap and water
    4. Drain all water out of the engine bay
    5. Rinse down entire engine bay and then drain all water out again (even use my oil syphon to suck up all water that doesn't drain out the drains)
    6. Spray down most metal parts in the engine bay as well as most of the jet with Fluid Film
    Then every 5 hours or so I:
    1. Lubricate/protect all hinges
    2. Lubricate the throttle body
    3. Lubricate all cables
    Using a boat (any boat really) in salt water involves ALOT more maintenance.

    As far as the driver's compartment is concerned, it isn't the best design. I have heard that you can adjust the strength of the piston though so that might be something to look into that. I think you have to remove the top pin and then turn the shock body either clockwise or counterclockwise a few turns to stiffen it up. Try that and let us know if it works.

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    Only "problem" I've had was the Driver Compartment Lid being blown down by Wind. It was a good gust though. The Pump could be stronger though. Like as strong as the Pumps for the Rear Hatch. Those are strong as hell.

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    This was mentioned in another post.... inregards to the lock, reverse it, pull it out and turn it 180 degrees and then do the same with the hoop. You may need to readjust the height and all, but it works. Why they did it the way they did... who knows, but it is an easy fix.... unfortunately it work for your mini strut.


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    I use it in salt water and rinse and clean it thoroughly,the wheels on the trailer are already pitting to ,I guess it is what it is if it gets worse I'll see if they'll warantee it.

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