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    Rotax Racing Reed Kit

    So I purchased a set of Rotax Racing Reeds and spacers for my 951. Now it's Sunday night and I'm finally going to get this engine together, so I thought! What do I do about the longer hardware to mount the reed cages and carbs with the reed spacers? The 6mm bolts I can get at ACE hardware, but any ideas on the longer carb bolts? Any chance the RXX used carbs and I could go through Seadoo parts?
    One more question, any ideas on how to get the alignment pins out of a Rossier head? They are all the way in the head with nothing sticking out to grip. I tried a small drill but the pins are hardened steel. I also tried heat and cold. I was considering a small drill through the top of the head behind the pins and push them out.

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    why do you need the pins out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wayniac View Post
    why do you need the pins out?
    They are designed to align the head to the block properly, right now they are not protruding from the head and therefore will not aligh in the block holes

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