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    Sea Doo Sucked Up Rope....Please Help!!

    A friend was driving and ran over a big rope, a bunch of it is stuck in the intake and the ski won't start up so I had to have another friend tow us in. Is this going to be covered by insurance or by the Sea Doo Warranty if there's any damage? Also, any guesses on what the damage will be because of this? Also, I tried to pull it out but it's probably 10-20 feet of rope thats stuck in there and it won't budge... How can I get the rope out?
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    BRP isn't going to cover any damage, but you insurance company should cover it, less the deductable. You will probably need to take the grate off to get to the rope. But, you can also try a long sharp knife or long hacksaw blade to cut the rope. The rope might have bent the drive shaft and damaged the carbon seal... Ron

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    If you have some mechanical skills and the ski is on the trailer start cutting up the rope and slowly pull it out or pull out the intake grate to have more room with your hands if the rope is tangled past the prop you may have to remove the pump housing. Its not that much work and if you search on this forum you will find how to remove and install the pump as well as torque values. You shouldn't have any permanent damage but just keep an eye for water intrusion just in case the drive shaft accordion tube has managed to come loose or puntured. I think you will be fine, save the labor cost you can do it yourself.

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    Get you a box cutter and pair of vice grips. Start cutting, pulling, and working the rope out. It will take some time but you will get it out with time.

    Next time it happens dont try to start your ski as that just makes the problem worse.

    You can also pull your pump which will give you access from the back of ski.

    good luck

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    I've read that some people have been successful by removing the spark plugs and slowly rotating the driveshaft backwards.

    Essentially, you just "un-spool" the rope.

    Good luck - I hope you're back on the water soon.

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    It's easy to get it back out. Just unwrap it around the Driveshaft and it'll come out. I've done this 2x already this summer on my friends 'Ski's on the Beach. We just tiled them on the side, and in about 20-30 minutes we had the rope out (with no tools) and were back on the Water.

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    this happened to me and my dad like a month ago. we ran over an anchor line in our Sea Doo boat. we were so happy a metal bar that was on the rope didn't hit the boat. pull the pump and work the rope out from the pump tunnel and from through where the intake grate is. cut the rope if needed and you should get it out. i just hope that the driveshaft didn't bend like it did when we sucked up the rope. the last picture is all of what was wrapped around the shaft
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    put it on the trailer, pull the intake grate and start cutting.... it takes some time... but hopefully a lesson learned...

    We've got an 87 malibu sunsetter (inboard ski boat) and we floated over the rope, talk about instant rope spooler... had to put it up on the trailer and start cutting... out of 100 ft of rope, the longest piece was 2ft.... good luck

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    I would get some pics for insurance just in case...

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    Had this happen to me too. We towed the ski back to where we were set up. Got towels and laid the ski on its side and worked it out with the tools supplied under the seat. PAIN IN THE ASS, but got it out. It would have been much easier to do if we had taken the grate off and had a knife as suggested in the earlier threads. Saved my $30 tow rope though.

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