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    Triple Mikuni 38 Primer Kit Installation

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding my carbs (view that thread here), and I'm also going to install a primer kit and get rid of my choke.

    I removed the "choke plates" from the throat of the carbs. Now I'm left with the shafts and linkage. I've got one of the shafts and corresponding linkage out, but I'm having trouble figuring out how the rest of them come out. From looking around, it sounds like the solution is to cut them out. What should I use to cut them out? I'm a little bit nervous to shove a reciprocating saw down the throat of my carbs!

    Thanks for the help!

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    I just did a primer install on my dual carbs. The shafts just pulled right out. I had to remove one of the carbs first from that lower plate, but they just pulled out once that was done.

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    Yea, that's what I'm trying to figure out. If I pull the carbs from the lower plate, I'm not sure if I'll need a new gasket or anything (that I might not have?) in order to reinstall it.

    I pulled the shaft from the carb that connected to the choke cable. I loosened the nut on the end of the shaft between this carb and the middle carb, then grabbed the shaft with some vice grips and pulled. It took some convincing but it did come out. With the middle one, I don't think there's any way to get it out without either cutting it or pulling it off of the "bottom plate".

    Is that the solution? Does the middle carb need to be removed from the plate?

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    When I rebuilt mine I removed the carbs from the base and reused the gaskets. I rubbed some grease on them (tip from OsideBill I think). If you don't want to remove the carbs slide the shaft as far as you can and cut them with bolt cutters. I did this as well on another set of carbs.
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    I used tin snips to cut mine, came right out.

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    Me too! 15 times

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    haha - I ended up pulling my middle carb off the plate and pulling the shafts that way. I greased the gasket before putting everything back together like roost suggested (which apparently oside suggested to him, haha).

    Thanks for the suggestions - I really had a hard time finding much information on installing this thing other than whether to tap into the return line or the reserve line, which there are LOADS of opinions on, haha.

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    Another question - when I was putting the middle carb back on the plate, I tightened the screws that allow all three throttles to work as a unit. I didn't pay attention to how they were originally positioned because I was thinking I was just supposed to tighten all the way down. I looked at the first carb (which attaches to the throttle cable) and tried to tightened the other two down so they were in roughly the same position as that one. Is that "good enough" or is there an exact science to this adjustment?

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    check this out for some of those answers your looking for.

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    Ahhh... thanks. I've got so many friggin links and PDF's to use as reference for this that I can't figure out which one I need to use to solve which problem anymore. I guess the Mikuni manual is always a good one to check though.

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