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    GSX LTD Problems

    Recently replaced the engine in my 98 gsx ltd. Ran it for the first time post break in and it ran great for about 30 mins then it started to make noises any time throttle touched, the noises sounded like it was starved for gas. I idled to shore started it up and it seemed fine, let the ski sit for about 15 mins started it up ran for a few seconds then shut down. Towed it back to the house put it up on the dock and just can't seem to get it going. It starts up, but shuts off after a few seconds or if you touch the throttle. Thought it might have been the oil/fuel ratio but the ski wouldn't have initally worked if that were the case. It also started to back fire after starting it up several times in a row. Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking carb problems....

    Recently I went pre mix, replaced the engine with an SBT, new fuel lines, cleaned the fuel filters in the carbs. The guy i bought the ski from said the carbs were rebuilt last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeysso View Post
    The guy i bought the ski from said the carbs were rebuilt last year.
    Each persons idea of rebuilding carbs is different. There's only one way to rebuild a carb and that is to fully rebuild it. The only way to know if your carbs have been fully rebuilt, is to do it yourself. Don't trust anyone to "rebuild" your carbs. You never know what kind of "rebuild" job your gonna get.

    Get the oem kits, pull the carbs off and go through them yourself. Use every single part in the kits that you can. Get new needle and seats too. Make sure to remove the 4 jets and clean the tiny holes in the center of each.

    After that, she'll probably run like new.

    You might consider installing the jetkit and Prok filters that are mentioned in Bens 951 sticky post in this forum.

    I put these parts in my 98 gsxl and it runs great.

    85 lows (assuming you're using the stock accel pump)
    167.5 highs (some people use 170)
    2.3 needle & seats
    2 prok filters

    $115 total from parker yamaha.
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