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    FS - Custom Turbocharged GPRXP w/ BRAND NEW EVERYTHING

    Totally Custom and redone top to bottom every single square centimeter of it... NOTHING was left untouched... new hardware, new parts, new everything.

    I still have the boxes to pretty much every single part on the ski.. and paperwork and instructions.

    here's the build thread to see the build every step of the way

    It is currently needing ONE THING still.. the exhaust pipe. I'll sell it 99.9% complete like this, or i'll continue to finish which will take me a little while longer to gather the resources to get the job completed the way i want it. If there is any serious interest, please PM me and we can discuss it and go over my receipts and costs invested in the project. This has the potential to do huge things on the water with someone that has the time, patience, and know-how to tune and setup a high performance watercraft. Go through the mods and parts below and you'll be astounded at how extensive the list is, and every single part of it is brand new.

    • BRAND NEW (zero hours,hasn't been run yet) 2007 Normally Aspirated 4-tec motor with the neccessary upgraded internals for Turbo setup
    • Has 3 brand new Forged RXP Pistons
    • Has a lightweight machined ring gear on the crank
    • 2008 RXP-X exhaust valves
    • Custom machined and welded PTO cover to block off the water pump shaft coming from the oil pump
    • PTO cover drilled and tapped for Turbo oil drain
    • Open Loop Cooling polished block off plate
    • Rotax Racing Lightweight Camshaft Gear
    • 4-tec Performance billet Block Guard
    • Custom Painted 50th Anniversary Yamaha Schematic with custom Exotic Signs Graphics
    • One of a kind CUSTOM Dual Exhaust setup with billet Rude tips
    • Lightweight Racing Seat painted to match
    • Custom jettrim Seat cover color coordinated
    • Carbon Fiber Riva/Bullet Hood Assembly with custom molded gauge pods
    • UMI Racing Steering System all custom wired up with switch housings and billet throttle lever on TAG X5 bars with ODI Grips
    • Blueprinted Trued Hull
    • Carbon Fiber Pump Tunnel Reinforcement
    • all brand new 2005+ OEM pump shoe, trim tab, rideplate hull insert brackets
    • BLOWSION Billet gas cap
    • JIM'S FF Rideplate Setup
    • Leo's Holeshot kit all molded into the hull with fiberglass and painted in to match. Totally undetectable install, probably the best
    • Bilge Pump
    • all new Digital Ultra-lite Series Autometer Gauges custom molded into CF hood with pods for oil temp and water temp
    PUMP and Driveline
    • all BRAND NEW components ordered direct from Yamaha has never touched the water
    • New 05+ Pump setup with new bearings and seals
    • New Driveshaft
    • two NEW sets of nozzles (XLT and GPR)
    • powdercoated to match ski R&D Auto-drop Nozzle Kit
    • NEW GPRXP conversion driveshaft
    • All new motor mounts
    • ROTAX RACING Heavy Duty Front Mount
    • Pump Plug Seal kit
    • New 2" Extension kit
    TURBOCHARGER SYSTEM (waterjacketed AND heat treated coating)
    • Black Magic Headers heat coated
    • Black Magic Turbo Head pipe heat coated
    • Brand new Turbo from PTE with powdercoated to match yellow compressor housing and heat coated turbine housing
    • Turbosmart Electronic Boost control with the e-boost 2
    • Turbosmart Ultra-gate 38 external wastegate
    • Turbosmart Supersonic Blow off valve
    • All matching yellow silicone boost lines
    There's probably most likely alot of other parts and changes and processes done to it that I forgot to list... but that's the bulk of it.

    This is truly a one of a kind piece of artwork with incredible attention to detail and personal touches you wont find anywhere else. It is SPOTLESS, flawless, and BRAND NEW from top to bottom. There is enormous amount of money invested in the project. You are welcome to go over the ski with a fine tooth comb. You wont find anything missed. After I'm done working on it, i wipe it down and vaccuum out the engine compartment and cover it. I can ship it anywhere world-wide and can crate it incredibly well. All shipping and delivery costs and buyer's expense.

    Reason for selling is burnout...looking to step down from the performance arena of the sport and purchasing a boat with the money from this sale.

    If you have a serious inquiry, feel free to PM me, e-mail me, or call me.

    [email protected]
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    You got to finish it or youíll regret it
    I read 509 post on this dam build.

    finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've seen this ski in person and it IS flawless.

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    why are u selling???

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo8coop View Post
    why are u selling???
    buying a boat

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    All I can say is that whoever buys this thing doesn't deserve it. The amount of time, $, time, oh yeah and $. . . unreal. good luck with the sale Steve.

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    So When Is THE Wedding?

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    FINISH IT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluUltra250x View Post
    FINISH IT!!!

    Steve, you'e gone this far, I would finish it, your almost there bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post

    Steve, you'e gone this far, I would finish it, your almost there bro
    yes he is almost done

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