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    want start in the water

    I was out pulling a tube the other day and I lost power and heard a loud exhaust sound. I turned the engine off opened the engine compartment and smoke pored out. I burnt up all the ruber exhaust hoses. I messed around with it and found that there was a 100 percent blockage in the cooling system water was entering the system but not leaving it. So what I thought I would try is to reverse the inlet and the outlet hoses. I reasembled the burnt exhaust hoses and made it back to the other side of the lake. I checked the engine and the exhaust both were runing cool and the pisser was pissing. I got home and put it back together the way it was supose to be. the next day I took it out it was cooling good but it was loosing power and shut off. I opened the engine compartment and found that the fuel pumps pulse line was kinked so I fixed it. I went out today and and I stoped for a minute of pulling a tube and it would not start back up. The kids are not to happy and neither am I. Do you think I did some damage when I ran it hot the first time I had the problem with the cooling line blockage? the compression is 125 and 135 Do you think the rotary valve has damage or what else could this be. 657x engine. I am allso hearing a noise that I thought was coming from the pump but when I listen closer I think it may be coming from inside the engine. maybe the back bearing

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    sounds like the motor is locking up due to no cooling

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