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    Some Advice Please! 2004 Yam fx 1100 High Output-Please respond, even if it is short!

    Hi all,

    Please resond with any advice or information, I really do not know alot about this ski.

    I have been looking to purchase a ski for about 4 months now, I have been adament about Sea-doo first a GTI, then a GTX, for no other reason than name brand identity because honestly I do not know that much about any of the brands. I do like the closed loop idea of a seadoo as I might take the ski in the ocean occasionally and do not want to risk salt water damage, but that is really the main factor.

    I may have a good deal on my plate with a 2004 Yamaha fx 1100 High Output, also known as an fx 160. The cost would be $4500-$5000 for the ski and an 06 single Zieman trailer with a box. The GTX I was looking at would be $6500.

    I live in Southern California so the riding season is about 8 months long here so that is not a concern to me.

    I am wondering first if it is a good deal or not?

    Secondly is there anywhere I can go to get some more information on these skis? I went to the yamaha website and they only go back to 2007 for their models.

    Thirdly, do they have a rear boarding step like the seadoo models? That is a very convinient feature that I do enjoy. If they do not waht is the cost/risk of installing an aftermarket boarding step?

    Are there any major defects or issues with that year/model of ski (like the seadoo superchargers) or anything like that?

    Are the yamahas typically more reliable than seadoos, form some of the comments here I tend to think so, but I wanted to be sure.

    I have only ridden the VX (a 110 and deluxe) line of yamahas and thought they were nice, stable, and provided a fun ride, how does the FX High Output line compare?

    Thanks for any input, I would like to hope that going out on a limb may save me some huge $$$$$
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    Firstly, I have 3 of them. All FX-HO Cruisers. Each of them has done over 150 hours.

    The price you're buying one at is a very fair price.

    These ski's are great. I'm not sure what sort addtional information you want to know about them. ??????

    I have a a rental business with 45 ski's. (42 Yamaha, 3 Kawi's & 0 Seadoo).
    Yamaha have proven to me to be the best with reliabilty, stability, parts price & availability. All our FX-HO's have the boarding step.

    The FXHO handles the chop much nuch better than a VX. They tend to remain hooked up better and proves to be a significantly superior vessel.

    I've had no issues with this model and I will be definately buying more for 2009.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the info flywheel, what rental business do you own? SKIWI?

    Did the reboarding step come standard, or did you have to install them yourself?

    What is the difference between the FX HO cruiser and the FX HO?

    Thanks again, they sound like excellent machines, I have heard bad things about how seadoos are unreliable, perhaps this is the best choice for me.

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    The HO is the Tidal Water Caddy.

    You do not need a boarding step with a HO, just grab the handle under rear seat and pull up. My girl and I have both boarded from deep rough water without a problem.

    Dont believe that Open/Closed loop non-sense. Both have proven to be great in saltwater. I know Seadoo salesmen use it as ammo but its a non-issue. Closed has work great for the Seadoo system and Open has worked great for Yamaha.

    Cruisers have different seats and the newer years have different handle bars, foot chocks, and popup cleats.

    Seadoos are quick and sporty. HO's are stable in rough water. If you'll be in non-tidal water get the Seadoo, tidal or rough water get the HO. HO's are also the most fuel efficient ski out and they only use 87 octane.

    HO's top speed is at 60 stock. Seadoo 185 will be quicker midrange and faster on top.

    Find out what the compression should be for each model and get the potential ski compression tested. Each cylinder should read within a few points of each other. I think HO should be 174+-.

    Seadoos do have a reputation for being unreliable and Yamaha for being reliable. Yamahas are very user friendy and newbies just gotta put gas and go. Seadoos have to keep an eye on superchargers etc.

    Im a Yamaha guy but I ride with more Seadoos than Yamahas and the Seadoos take a beaten just as good as the Yams. A few of the Seadoos are treated like step kids with only basic annual maintenance and they still get up and go every time. One guy has 340 hours on a Seadoo 215 and he mostly uses only 87 and that ski keeps on ticking.

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    closed or open loop to me doesnt make a difference. I use salt terminator or salt away to flush my motor everytime and after a 100hrs of riding the motor has been apart with no salt damage!
    the real problem with salt is corrosion in the engine bay and yamaha uses stainless steel bolts in sted of plastic coatings like sea doo.
    also spray silicone all over your engine and electronics after riding.
    also dont forget the pump inside and out.
    good luck hope this helps.

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