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    compression for a stock 95 701 raider?

    I am wondering what the compression is supposed to be for a 95 701 raider. I just checked and cylinders were 100 each.

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    I don't know for sure but:

    this guy has 160psi

    and this guy has 150psi

    so it sounds like you might be a good bit low assuming the two above don't have any mods...

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    100psi is not probably will run but its not going to last long and you are running the risk of major failure. If you stop now, pull the head and check the cylinder walls, it may can be saved. If you can catch a scratch with your fingernail it needs to be bored. If only minor scratchs (ones too small for your fingernail to get caught on)then you probably can get away with a hone and some new rings.
    I rebuilt the topend on a 701 this week and the stock compression was 160.jfi
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    I had the ski out and it ran fine. Is it normal to run fine even at 100? Both cylinders showed 100. I will recheck this weekend.

    If I do need to do a topend rebuild, what all will I need prior? Obviously rings, and if the cylinders aren't scored can I use something like this to hone the cylinders

    And can the rings be replaced with the topend being off or will I have to pull the pistons?

    Do I have to use OEM gaskets, or can I use one of the seal a gasket tubes to lay a gasket bead?


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    try another guage first-fully charged battery with throttle wide open and one plug left in

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