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Thread: winter storage

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    winter storage

    hey guys, i knmow it seems early but im leaving for school in a couple weeks and i was wondering what i should do before and while its stored for the winter, we get minus 40 degree weather here. any help is apriciated ? the jet ski is a 88 650sx if it matters ?

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!!

    I don't know much about the stand ups but fuel stabilizer and fogging the engine is pretty standard.

    I am sure that others will chime in.

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    with the low temps I would run about a Gal of RV antifreez thru it and fog the engine good inside & out

    If you want I can call you and walk you how I do it.

    I have lots on free mins on my phone after 9pm Eastern time.

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    Winterizing the stand-ups are a breeze. Before anything add some fuel stabilizer to your tank. I highly reccommend the OMC brand 2+4 fuel stabilizer available at any outboard marine dealer whom sells Johnson/Evinrude. I know the stuff is great so adding a few splashes from the bottle into your tank is safe. Next up, on your ski there should be a white inline hose fitting near the head on the coolant hose. It has a threaded in cap. Just un screw that, get a small amount of old garden hose (with the threaded part for the nozzle to screw onto still attached) and shove a funnel in the one end. Screw it onto the that white hose fitting mentioned (the flush kit) and fire up the ski. If your ski doens't have the flush kit or you would like a bit of a is the link to my flush kit.

    You will have to be somewhat quick about this part. While the ski is running, dump a gallon or so of plumbing antifreeze in the won't be able to just down it all at once...just keep the level in the funnel topped up until you run out of the plumbing antifreeze then shut down the ski. After all this, get your can of fogging oil, again OMC brand stuff is really good. Remove the flame arrestor cover so you get lots of oil down those carbs...or that carb...can't remember if there's one or two hehe. Start the ski again and try to evenly spray the fogging oil into the only need to spray it in there for about 6 seconds...besides you're not supposed to run the ski without coolant for much longer than that It's different when you're dumping the plumbing antifreeze to it...that is your coolant After the fogging oil is sprayed, shut the ski off and it's done.

    You will see a ton of smoke fly when you pump the fog to it so don't worry about that and it will smoke like a chimney next year when you first run it. One thing I have come to find with my old ski, wasps seem to like plugging the little tell-tale water bypass on the side of the engine cover with mud. Shove a little twig or something in there to prevent it from getting plugged. You need that to know if the water is getting through the system when you're out playing. Also use some of that engine fog and spray the acorn nuts on the head and any other chrome parts. Those engine compartments hold a lot of condensation and will rust out the acorn nuts before you know it. It is actually best to leave the engine cover off enough to let the condensation escape if you can, if time it will take effect on the crank bearings. Have fun in school dude.
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