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Thread: fuel pump???

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    fuel pump???

    Question everyone, 2001 900STX, had the problem with fuel being dumped out the exhaust, it stopped on it's on. Carried it out the other day, it would crank normal, take off but seemed like it was lacking power then after about 10 seconds the rmps would drop way down, i could left off the throttle for a few seconds , then take off again and do the same thing , thinking lack of fuel or pressure? , took the carbs and fuel pump off, you can blow and suck on the pulse fitting and fuel will come though but i think the diaphragm might have a hole in it, it will not hold against pressure when you blow or suck on it, it had sat up for about 2yrs before i got this ski, ran great for one weekend and now not doing so good,

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    It would probably be a good idea to check/clean (rebuild if necessary) the carbs and fuel pump(s)

    I would not run it if you suspect it is starving for fuel because you could cause serious engine damage.

    What do the spark plugs look like?

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    you can't rebuild those fuel pumps, just get replacement, i had already taken the carbs aparts when it was doing the gas dumping out the exhaust when i tried to crank it, everything looked good in the carbs, could a hole in the fuel pump diaphragm let gas leak down the pulse line and fill up the crankcase with gas, causing it to pure gas out when i tried to crank it that time ??

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    the plugs looked okay, probably because when it did this i went straight back to the dock and tried to figure out what was wrong with it.

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    If you got gas running out the pulse line then the diaphram is bad. Time for a fuel pump. My 1100 did that to me last year.

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    took the fuel pump apart, it did have a hole in it, got another ordered

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