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Thread: Hood broken

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    Hood broken

    Out of complete randomness,my 2007 RXT hood is somewhat broken.It doesn't stay open at all now.It was fine I opened and closed it a couple times on the dock to go to the beach.After the 5 minute ride over there,I go to flip up the hood,it opens,but does not lock in place.Does anyone know how to fix this?If it is not an easy fix at home how much approximately a dealer would charge.Any help is very appreciated,thanks!!

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    Is it just the shock or is something actually broken? If just the shock assembly, it is $41 from the OEM Parts on the left hand side of this page. Hope this helps

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    I would say that the strut poped off, you will need to pull the cover off on the inside of your compartment to get to it. check the latch assemble where it mounts, see if it is mis-aligned. you may need to re-enforce the bracket, or bent it back into alignment. good luck!

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    where the rubber thing is when i take the bucket out,the metal is off to the side and there is a slit,which is what i think is wrong,and should i just try to bend it back in or what?i can get a picture after the weekend for any help guys thanks

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    the shock is connected to two balls (ball and socket), one that is attached to the hood and the other that is attached to the floor of the storage compartment, most likely it just came loose and there is nothing wrong with your shock, the trick is to keep it compressed while snapping onto both ball sockets, remove the storage bin to gain accesse, remove the shock by pulling it off, use a tie down strap (thin one) to hold the shock in the compressed position , snap it back on to both ends, should only take you 5 minutes to fix at the most, jettro

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    The easy way to compress the shock:

    Disconnect the top lift bar from the hood by removing the circlip, attach the shock at both ends with it fully extended, then the trick:

    there's a hole in the metal triangle that is the right size to stick a 1/2" socket breaker bar end into (without a socket). use the breaker bar to compress the shock and poke the top lift bar back into the hood. replace the circlip that holds the top bar in place and you're done.

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    k will try this weekend thanks guys

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    Unfortunately, I did not read this till I took the hood completely off. But that said, I am having a problem getting the circle clip back on the rod. Do I need a tool to put the circle clip back on (its a new clip).

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    I got it... the circle clip needs to be spit first. Then you have to hold the clip with a pair of needle nose plyers while pushig it on with a flat head screw driver. Also, I used the 1/2 inch rachet to compress the piston, and it worked perfect

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