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    engine stalling when opening throttle

    Hi All,

    I am having a minor (but major issue with my 98 SLXH. I can get it started and it seems to idle just fine but when I pull th throttle in about 1/4 of the way (rise to 2200RPM) it will not go any higher. If I go further, it just stalls. However, if I am sitting idle, open the choke, give it that 1/4 throttle again and then close the choke, it takes off like a bat out of hell and runs untill I let go of the throttle again. If I come to a stop and try and hit the throttle again it continues to bog and die. I made sure it was getting enough air by running without my back seat on, but still seems to be an issue.

    The carbs were pulled and are clean.

    A brief history of the ski - Last summer it was premixed by accident and we had to drain all the fuel to get the oil out of the tank. The plugs were replaced, ran, cleaned, and ran again. At first I could not get the ski to do anything more than idle but as I ride it more it seems to be cleaning out the mess. Would sea-foam help for this? Could I just need to run it more to burn out the excess oil, or should it be gone already? I had it running on water for about 15 minutes, and about 2 minutes at full throttle.

    Thanks for your response!

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    Who went through the carbs?
    Did you check the internal filters?
    Fuel pump diaphragms?
    Kinked Fuel Lines?
    What's your fuel pressure at idle and at WOT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Who went through the carbs?
    Did you check the internal filters?
    Fuel pump diaphragms?
    Kinked Fuel Lines?
    What's your fuel pressure at idle and at WOT?

    Thank you for the quick response! I'm not a huge expert on engines so your help is greatly appriciated.

    Carbs were done by a local marina. I did not get to look at them personally, but I know they do a lot of work on polaris crafts.

    Fuel/water filter was cleaned, having trouble getting to the fuel filter on the line - Any tips for removing it without getting fuel everywhere?

    Not sure where to find the fuel pump doaphragms, and how to check them.

    I will check for kinked lines this evening after work. How can I check the fuel pressure?

    Sorry for being a noobie! Your help is appriciated.

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    Thank you K447. I do have a repair manual for the ski which helps greatly, but I'm probably still going to ask many noob questions hehe

    I cant seem to locate a fuel filter on the parts manual for the SLXH. Am I missing something here, or is the filter in the water sep. the only fuel filter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Did you check the internal filters?
    Filters are good.
    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Fuel pump diaphragms?
    Need the vac to check this. Any way to make a cheap on?

    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Kinked Fuel Lines?
    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    What's your fuel pressure at idle and at WOT?
    is this a pressure release check that requires me to remove the carbs?

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    I was having the same exact issue with my 96 slx780. Turnes out that I had old nasty fuel behine one of the diphrams in the fuel pump [the side opposite the pulse line] If there is fuel between the diaphram and the cover, then there is not adequate space for the diaphram to opreate fully. I would recommend rebuilding the fuel pump.

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    Pulling the choke to get it to run means you are running lean. What is the condition of the fuel lines? Are they original? It's possible they have have swollen or gotten soft and where there is high demand (i.e. suction from open throttle) they collapse and restrict fuel flow.


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