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    Help? Superjet or junk?

    I love my stand up ski's I am currently riding a 1994 kawi 750 sx with no mods. Just an aftermarket werks intake grate. I'm seriously considering a 2008 superjet but because you can't test ride them I need your help.

    I want something that is a little lighter than my SX and that is quite a bit faster.

    I would be ordering an intake grate for in rights away buy I need some help selecting one seeing how I know nothing about yamaha's.

    I would also like some advise on ride plates I would like to make sure the ski hooks quick and keeps the nose down.

    I'm 6'6" about 185 lbs. Mostly the ski's are ridden in lake huron near lexington Mi. so choppy water is very common.

    Help PLEASE any opinions would be GREAT!!

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    A guy at our lake has a Yamaha Superjet (701cc) with mods and he loves it.He just bought the Kawi (788cc) SX-R and said the power was good but it handled better than the Yamaha in the turns.Either ski will be much better performance than your 94'.

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